Launching in progress…

I’ve started launching Red Eye Mon, but it’s going to be a long road. Currently I have packaged up two of the core components:

  • procblock: a logic and data tag processor and hardended execution environment
  • unidist: Unified Distributed Computing for Python: Message Queues, Locks, Counters, State, Logs and Time Series

unidist is the base library, providing a bunch of Distributed Computing mechanisms, like locks, message queues, counters, state and logging.  This allows programs to share information easily, and in a some different ways to made using the shared data easy and reliable.

procblock is the work horse of the system.  It is a method to abstract the Architecture of a system of scripts, so that the scripts themselves remain simple, yet they are combined together to do complete things.

procblock is a hardened execution environment, which handles thread and process management in a variety of ways.  procblock is also a conditional tag processor, which can conditionally return data.

Mixing the tag processor functionality with the hardened execution environment functionality delivers some interesting results.



A demo of a web server (dropSTAR) running via procblock, using the unidist tools, and doing graphing, using message queues, locks and counters, with code and data exposed, can be found here.

Next, I will post documentation of the unidist library, add unit tests, and start to release demos that can be downloaded with examples and instructions on how to use.

One of these demos will be the dropSTAR (scripts, templates and RPC) webserver, which runs via procblock, and is configured with procblock, and whose pages are rendered via procblock.  dropSTAR is another important component to the Red Eye Mon (REM) system, as it provides insight into and communication between nodes.

After procblock, unidist and dropSTAR releases are complete, I will release schemagen and the Mother Brain schema for Red Eye Mon, which will be the control database for managing automated systems, and then I will start to release all the ported sets of scripts for system management, deployment, monitoring and cloud management.


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