Another Demo: No Relay Chat

As another demonstration of how the unidist library can be put to use, primarily using shared state and message queues, I wrote an IRC-like web based chat server named No Relay Chat.

You can download the No Relay Chat Demo here, at procblock package’s Google Code page.  You’ll also need the latest procblock, which is on that page.

Below is a screen shot, but here is an online demo. Log in and make some channels.

There is a bug that appears intermittently with the New Channel pop up dialog,  close and try again or reload the page if you’re still interested at that point.  Also, closing a channel also intermittently seems to not unsubscribe, I may be missing a JS error on some case, or there could be a race condition setting channels again after unsubscribe or something.  The communications has always been solid and reliable, so I’m guessing it’s something like this.  I’ll clean those up over the next few days.

At a later date I’ll wrap this up into a full page with IM, ops, moderation, invite/secret channels, and other IRC goodness so it is more useful, and then I’ll package it up for easy installation via RPM/MSI/etc.


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