REM Monitoring Demo

September 29, 2010

The first REM Monitor demo is now up:

This demo shows monitoring remote hosts via ping and HTTP.  Host monitoring is off because graphing has not been optimized enough yet to not take up a majority of machine resources when there are hundreds of graphs that can be rendered.

Hosts can be added or removed, and new HTTP alerts can be added.

More to come…  SNMP Host monitoring, SLAs based alerts to role accounts with shifts and prioritized contact lists with delay between escalation pending alert acknowledgment.  Among other things.

You can see the old Local System Monitoring Demo, showing a set of host monitors, here:


GUI Editor Teaser Image

September 22, 2010

I am about a week away from releasing the “REM Monitoring” package, which will be the first of the product releases from the REM suite.

Currently all the local and remote-local-collection monitoring is done, and I have been wrapping up a GUI editor for easy creation of monitoring, dashboard and other general purpose web development for REM tools.  The GUI relies on jQuery and a lot of awesome UI plugins developed by the community, which I have integrated and added to a common widget rendering Python library called jquery_drop_widget.

The next post should have the Alpha release of the REM Monitoring package and initial documentation on how to use it, including the GUI page and widget layout system.

Here is a screen shot of a full page layout getting a new widget created: