The Delay in Release

It’s taking a while to get the release together, and it’s going to be a while longer until it is done.  Current guess is maybe 2 months delay.  Primarily, the majority of my time is now directed on other projects, but in addition I ran into the documentation issue.

For software to really be released, it needs reasonable documentation, and the Red Eye Monitor (REM) project is a large and complex project meant to do large and complex things, so it needs documentation that makes at least it’s basic operations clear before it can really launch.

Since I have developed REM to use very loose hierarchical data structures and a loose pluggable architecture, and both can recurse, documenting how this can be worked with would first require explaining all the methods and motives I used to put the system together, which would take a good deal of explanation.

Instead, I’ve decided I’m going to put time into the front-end GUI, so that I can document using the system through snapshots of GUI pages and explanations of the work flow and the schema at each stage.  This should allow interested parties to quickly install and start playing around with configuring it to do new things, and I can defer writing about the internal structure until after it starts getting some install base.


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