Aborting the Red Eye Monitor project and next steps

June 7, 2011

This project has been a success from many standpoints, but getting internal adoption has not been one of them.  Comprehensive automation is very hard to grasp, as being comprehensive it is quite extensive and detailed.

I’ve weighed my time costs in releasing the system as it is, and I don’t think it’s worth the support requests, if it gained any interest, until the topic of comprehensive automation has been documented and has a base of understanding in the industry.

I’m going to re-focus my home efforts to document how to create comprehensive automation, and methods I used in the REM project, and perhaps once I have explained how things work and have some grass roots support for wanting this kind of automation a release would be warranted.

I’m going to go back and break up the project into updated component pieces and release those as separate open source technologies and use them as examples for documenting how I comprehensively automate things.

I’m going to leave this blog up as a place holder, but all new writing will be posted at the more general site: